Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some Thoughts!

The girls had a dentist appt. today, both of them. I was dreading going for fear of them both freaking out. Isabella was called back first, and Abigail cried out for her sister "Bewwa". First let me say that Isabella fell in the bathtub back in 2005 and knocked out (or I should say rearranged her teeth to face backwards) her 3 front teeth and managed to damage her permanent ones in the process. We rushed her to the dentist where they did surgery and removed the yucky ones. While we were waiting we sat on the floor in the children's play room at the dentist office. I remember feeling like that room was so huge, my pain and guilt for that happening was on my mind and wondering how my little Bella was faring back there in that room. Well when we went today Abigail and I were in that very same playroom and it was so tiny. I guess I was feeling very small and vulnerable at the moment of Isabella's accident that the world around me felt huge. Today's visit was nothing like that one and the room was so very small. Funny how your perception of things is different when facing opposite situations. We got a clean bill of health for both girls no cavities..yeah! Isabella's "pito partial" is doing well and we are expecting for it to be removed around the age of 7 or 8. I had no idea kids don't get their permanent teeth till then. When her perm. teeth come down we will see the exact extent of the damage of those.

This is Isabella and her dentist right after she got her "fake" teeth put in last year.

It has been a relaxing few days, we have lounged by the pool, played games, made puzzles. A few errands here and there.

We are just taking it easy and trying to prepare Isabella for school (me too). I am really dreading losing her for 6 hours a day. Of course I know she has to go and it will be easier on her than me, but still I can't help but to feel anxious, nervous. Like will she be able to defend herself? Will she listen and obey? Will she be scared and want me all day (probably more me than her but still)? I will miss her voice surrounding me ALL DAY. I mean this girl is a chatterbox, she will talk about anything and everything. I will miss those slow rising mornings, you know the ones where you can still lay in bed but be awake and snuggle and talk when she comes in ready and roaring for the day. I know it will be a huge adjustment for me, and it will be for her also. She has never gone to daycare, babysitters, nothing. She is in for it real soon. Surprisingly she is really excited about the prospect of new friends, and bigger birthday parties, playing, PE, cafeteria. I am not sure she quite understands she is going to be very structured here. I know we will get through it, we always do! :)

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