Friday, August 10, 2007

Tight Squeezes

Abigail grows in front of my very eyes, we never have a dull moment with her! She is such a little cuddle bug! She usually will give you a hug and sloppily wrap her arms around you, not tight, no rhyme or reason to how she hugs, she just hold her arms out and throws them where they land. Today I asked for a hug and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and squeezed me ever so tightly and stayed there for a second, then she steps back and puts both of her hands on each of my cheeks and kisses me. I am melting today.

Isabella is gone with Meemaw doing some school shopping for Gabriel, and it is so quiet here without her. I have gotten alot of things done, like laundry folded and put away, floors swept, and my bedroom is free of one single toy, magazine, notebook...all the things she trails along with her. Of course my next task is to hunt down all her shoes and put trackers on them (kidding of course) but she loses shoes like nobody's business, and she has far more pairs than I. I keep wanting to call out for her to help me do something, or just to ask for tight squeezes too. I think she is spending the night at my moms and I may surprise her with a new big girl room (since she is starting kindergarten) I have all the decorations that I bought a while back in my closet and since she no longer likes Disneys princesses, we are far due for an update. Maybe a trip to Home Depot is in store for us today for some paints Bella picked out last week.
I just have to post this one, Isabella did a lip synching contest a few weeks ago and this girl had no stage fright, she went out there and twirled and dance and sang with the best of them. Of course there were many older girls there also and she was never discouraged or shy. I was very proud of her.


Melissa said...

I just LOVE those first real REAL hugs! The ones where they are truly meaning to touch the soul. =)

Isabella is just to AWESOME! WTG on no stage fright and giving the bigger girls a run for their money! Keep it up Isabella!!!

JustJamie said...

Melt MY heart. That is just precious.