Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are done, finally!!!!

Yeah, we finished Isabella's big girl room. We finally got everything hung up and pictures in place. We really had a great time painting together, it was good time spent and she was thrilled to be doing it with me. She would say as we were painting "dude my hands on fire" I need a break, of course I had to take a break also cause if she wasn't painting...neither was I. We told jokes, talked about school. Took lots of water breaks. It took much longer doing this while supervising, but I would not change it for the world. She picked out these decorations a long time ago and I kept saying "keep your room clean and we will do your room" "Have a better attitude and we will do your room" The list goes on, finally I said what in the heck am I waiting for. So it is her "I am starting Kindergarten and a big girl now room" and she has kept it clean.
This is her craft corner. She will also do all her homework here.

This says it all, this is her vanity, she primps and preps here. She **tries** so hard to brush her hair here.

Abby loves Isabella's room.

Isbaella showing it off, and posing.

She is so funny.