Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am set up to have a really wonderful day! At 3pm I have an appt for a massage at the spa, a friend of mine is coming down from GA to go with me. Before that I am hoping to get out and get some shopping done (for myself this time) and after the spa were going to a hotel to check in and then get some dinner and then have a fun girls night out. I am so excited. Nick is so awesome, wonderful, perfect, he is staying home to look after the girls, and has NO problems about me going, which just makes me feel better about leaving for the night. He is so caring and understanding and never gives me a hard time. I LOVE THAT MAN!!

Our house was so quiet last night, Abby was in return very quiet also, without Isabella here bringing life to the party. Every night when I ask Abby if she is ready for bed, she says "yeth...mommy weeewock" she wants me to rock her for a min. IS that not the cutest thing ever. When we rock I ask her questions about where body parts are (cause that's the one part of the day I have 100% of her attention) and she points to them and giggles. Tonight I said I love you Abby and she said "Yove ewww" then she went on to say who she loved, and named everyone in our family. The first person she says she loves every night is "paw paw" I think it is sweet. It is 9:02 am and she is still asleep, I think I may need to check on her now :)

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