Thursday, August 23, 2007

Silver Springs

We made a day trip to Silver Springs and it was so nice. We started out with a glass bottom boat ride and that was really cool. There was an alligator (gotta love FL) that swam next to our boat for part of the tour. I have to say that was a little creepy. I kept looking down at the glass bottom part for ANY water leaks, at one point I was sure there was water coming in, but Nick assured me it was just the caulking around the glass. I relaxed a bit and enjoyed the ride. There is alot of history in the water, there was a canoe from the Indians when they were doing searches on the springs. There are old statues that were thrown in there from many, many years ago. I marveled at the landscaping and beautiful flowers. Here are some pics.

This is in the glass bottom boat, if you look in the middle of the pic all the way down, there is a cave.

This palm tree has grown strangely, they say if you take pic inside the circle root you will have good luck for 20 years or something rather :)

Bella with her fish food, ready and waiting to throw it.

If you look closely here, far out you can see the alligator that had followed us.

My BIL holding an one of course, I touched it and it was very leather like. You can see me far in the back, on the right, just my head poking out.

Beautiful flowers that I am so glad I stopped to marvel at...Hannah style :)

Isabella loves these flowers also.

Me and Abbs, she was fascinated with the birds, she kept saying "what about" thanks to Nick.


Laci said...

Pretty pictures! Looks so nice there!

The Bristow School said...

Gorgeous pics!

Kristi said...

It really looks great, Joani. I think that Nick's idea of having her help was just perfect.
(I will have to remember that for the future. :) )
I was reading your profile. Have you read any other of the Picoult books? Man she is an awesome author. I love her writing style.
I added you to my blog. ;)